Do I need a child custody lawyer?

  If you are trying to resolve a child custody issue you may be wondering if you need a child custody lawyer and how much it costs.  While it is possible to file the papers at the court on your own, a lawyer can help craft your case in a way that shows the court your side of the law based on their knowledge and experience of how the court makes decisions. If you are worried you will not be able to afford an attorney there are several child custody law groups that represent people who qualify for free, as well as some law firms that offer payment plans to make fees more affordable. Finding an attorney that offers free consultations can be very valuable in helping you find out important information for your case and what it may take to get what you want. At a consultation you can also find out what the attorney’s fees are and if they offer payment arrangements. Having a lawyer will not guarantee that you will get the

outcome you want but if you have a good lawyer that fits your budget they can help you do the things that the court requires and present your case properly to the court.